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Year 5

Indigo Class

Teacher: Mr Foot


Blitzed by Robert Swindells

During term 1 we will become engrossed in the journey of a boy obsessed with World War Two and how he is thrown back into war strewn London during the blitz. Swindells’ captures the imagination and hearts of the reader through amazing adventures and storytelling allowing for amazing literacy opportunities.

As the term progresses the children will develop their use of descriptive language; improve sentence structure; write in roll and begin to use advanced punctuation structures such as parenthesis.

The extended writing opportunities will take the form of diary entries, letters and short stories coupled with the non-fiction writing expected during the historical aspects of investigating some of the key events of World War Two.

All children will be listened to reading at least once each two weeks and are all issued with a reading book and reading record. Expectations is that all children read at least 5 times each week.


Term 1 will begin with place value with numbers to 1,000,000; children will use a range of models and images to manipulate number and deepen their understanding of place value.

Other areas covered within place value will be looking at positive and negative numbers; rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000; plotting numbers on a number line.

Daily counting will help to improve the children’s number fluency and times table fact recall.

We will continue to look at Times Tables Rock Stars, completing weekly challenges in class, as well as the occasional online challenge when time allows! All children will have home log in details (stuck inside their homework book), please let us know if those are lost as we can resend them if necessary.

Foundation Subjects 

History: World War Two: were there any real winners?

Geography: UK – Which areas of the UK were most affected by WW2 and why?

Science: Materials and states of change

Art: World War Two propaganda posters

RE: Creation and Science: Conflicting or complementary?

Music: Clarinet

PE: Swimming (Tuesday mornings) and Badminton (Thursdays)


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