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Year 4 

Blue Class  Term 4 

Teacher: Ms Pottinger 



At the beginning of Term 4 we will be reading the book Gregory Cool by Caroline Binch. Gregory travels to Tobago to visit his grandparents and initially finds it hard to adjust to a contrasting way of life. We will spend a week focusing on poetry inspired by the Caribbean and then will be moving on to look at chronological report writing towards the end of the term. In our guided reading lessons we will be reading traditional Caribbean folk stories as well as poems from famous Caribbean writers.



Firstly this term we will consolidate our learning on multiplication and division focusing on formal written methods. Later we will be introducing the children to fractions and decimals. The children will continuing to practice their time tables using the counting stick method as well as other activities for developing mental math strategies and awareness.  

It would be helpful if you could encourage your children to practice their times tables at home. The National Curriculum expects all children to leave Year 4 knowing all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. The school also encourages children to use the Timetables Rockstars computer game to help develop their times tables knowledge and improve recall.  

Foundation Subjects 

Our Learning Journey this term will be ‘What makes trade fair?’ This topic involves us looking at life in the Caribbean and considering where our food comes from. The children will be encouraged to compare their life in the U.K to those of people living in the Caribbean. We will be comparing the weather and climate of the U.K and Caribbean in geography and ICT. Our Science topic will be Electricity and children will learn how electricity is generated and what is needed to make an electrical circuit.

RE- Christianity - Why do Christians call the day Jesus dies Good Friday?

This term we will be exploring the concepts of salvation through studying the Easter story. We will consider how Christians worship during this time of year and think about the symbolism surrounding Holy week. 



  • To use ambitious vocabulary in the right context
  • To use varied sentence structures
  • To use all punctuation correctly



  • To use efficient methods for the 4 calculations 
  • To rapidly recall  6, 7 and 8 times tables


Personal and Social

  • To build resilience so we can overcome disappointment.


Have a look at the school website, where you will find photos of some of the events and learning that has taken place so far this year.