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Year 4 

Blue Class  Term 6

Teacher: Ms Robinson 


For this term children will be reading Duffy the Sea Turtle and writing a diary of events from Duffy's point of view. This will lead on to the children in groups finding all about plastics/water/recycling/energy leading to giving presentations / writing pamphlets and making persuasive posters on helping locally to conserve globally.  Children will be then writing persuasive letters to significant people of their choice with their ideas.


Children this term will be learning all about statistics: interpreting charts and graphs and collecting their own data and making their own. They will then be looking at the properties of shape, looking at angles, different triangles and quadrilaterals and finding lines of symmetry. Children will finish the term looking at plotting coordinates on a quadrant and finish with an assessment of their years work.

It would be helpful if you could encourage your children to practice their times tables at home. The National Curriculum expects all children to leave Year 4 knowing all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. The school also encourages children to use the Timetables Rockstars computer game to help develop their times tables knowledge and improve recall.  

Foundation Subjects 

Our topic of 'How Can We Save the World?' continues with finding out about plastics in the ocean. Children will be finding out about different species in danger and what is happening globally in the news to do with climate change. Children will then be researching their own interest topics on how we can help at home, school and in our lives, having debates, making speeches, presenting findings before making posters and pamphlets and writing letters to change makers.


What happened after Jesus left and what was the impact of the Pentecost?




  • Targets

     To use descriptive language

    To use emotive and persuasive language

     To use formal voice for information and letter writing

     To use more ambitious punctuation more precisely

     Use paragraphing

     To edit carefully


  • To interpret charts and graphs

    Identify, order and compare angles 

    Identify the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals

    To describe, draw and move co-ordinates

    Draw lines of symmetry

Personal and Social

  • What makes a really good friend and how can we improve our own behaviour and extend our positive qualities to make better friendships?


Here is a link to our Homework menu for Term 6


Have a look at the school website, where you will find photos of some of the events and learning that has taken place so far this year.