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Year 1

Orange Class 


This term much of our English will focus on using information texts, and will be linked to our Science topic of ‘Plants’. We will spend some time discussing the features of information texts, such as the index, contents page and glossary and using information texts to answer our questions. We will then write our own information pages.

We will also be reciting simple poems and rhymes with patterned and repetitive language. As well as concentrating on spelling the Year 1 common exception words correctly. 

In Letters and Sounds we will be getting ready for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check and learning alternative spellings for sounds, such as ai, a_e, eigh, ey and ei all making the ‘ay’ sound.


In Maths we will be spending the first 3 weeks of the term focusing on multiplication and division. We will practise counting in multiples of twos, fives and tens. We will solve problems involving multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using objects, pictures and arrays. We will then cover a unit of work on fractions. In this unit we will recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity, and recognise, find and name a quarter as one of four equal parts of an object, shape or quantity.

Learning Journey (cross curricular subjects)

Our Science topic is ‘Plants and Trees’ and will be linked to our English work on information texts. We will plant seeds and name the basic parts of plants and trees. We will also look at and name plants and trees in the schools grounds and in the local woods. We will link this to Art and DT through our 'Nature Sculptures' unit. 

Computing will include copying and pasting images. In PSHE we will focus on relationships. In RE we will be exploring All Saints Church and learning about Baptism. Our PA unit is ‘striking and fielding’ and we will focus on cricket.


Homework grid in homework books.

Continue reading daily and practising reading and spelling your word lists.

Practise reading words for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check.

Targets this term


  • Spell Year 1 common exception words.
  • Use the suffixes –ing and –ed when spelling words.


  • Count in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s.

  • Recall the doubles of numbers to double 10.

Personal and Social

  • Think about the relationships and people that are important to them.

If you have any queries please come and ask us, we will try our best to help!


Homework grid: Year 1 Term 5            What plants and trees grow in our local area?


Learning Journey


Information texts, poetry

Plants and Trees

Multiplication and Division, Fractions

Choose a poem to learn and then recite it to the class.

Plant some seeds or bulbs at home. What do your seeds need to help them grow healthily? Keep a diary of their growth.

Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.


Write a list of different types of plants or trees.

Draw and label the main parts of a plant or tree. Try to include seed, roots, leaf, stem, trunk, branches, flower, petal.

Using counters, cars, beads or any other objects you have at home. Practise sharing different amounts of objects into halves and quarters. How many groups do you need for sharing in half and how many groups for quarters?

Create a poster or fact file telling me about Baptism/Christenings.

Go for a walk in the woods and collect natural materials to create a piece of art.

Work out the doubles for numbers to double 10, eg; double 1 is 2, etc.