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Year 1

Orange Class 


This term much of our English will be focusing on stories from other cultures. We shall read, explore and sequence stories from places such as Africa, America and Australia. We will look at the structure and patterns of these stories and use them to help write our own stories.

We will also focus on reading and spelling the Year 1 common exception words. A copy of these words will be stuck into your child’s homework book for them to practise reading and spelling them at home.

Letters and Sounds will continue daily to further develop the children’s phonics skills.


We will cover two units of work this term: place value to 50 and measuring weight and capacity. In our Place Value unit the children will count to 50 forwards and backwards, read and write numbers to 50 in numerals, identify one more or one less than a number to 50, identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations and count in multiples of twos, fives and tens.

In our Measuring unit the children will measure and begin to record mass/weight, capacity and volume. They will compare, describe and solve practical problems for mass/weight, capacity and volume, using vocabulary such as heavy/light, heavier than, lighter than, full/empty, more than, less than, half full, quarter full.

Learning Journey (cross curricular subjects)

Our key question for this term is ‘What can we learn from our traditions?’. We will find out about some British traditions and learn about traditions and beliefs from around the world. We will find different countries on a world map, listen to music from these countries, learn traditional dances and try out some artwork techniques, such as Aboriginal dot paintings.

Our Science topic is Materials. We will be naming and sorting common materials and exploring properties such as whether a material is waterproof or not and whether a material sinks or floats. We will also find out about the materials used to build houses around the world, and then in DT we will design and make our own houses. We will spend some time exploring Spring and the changes that occur around us as Spring arrives.

Computing will include giving a sequence of instructions to a programmable toy. Through RE we will be learning why Easter is so important to Christians. Our PSHE topic is ‘Healthy me’ and in PA we start our Dance unit. A busy term!


Homework grid in homework books.

Continue reading daily and practising reading and spelling your word lists.

Targets this term


  • Begin to use ‘and’ to join ideas and sentences.
  • Remember to use capital letters and full stops correctly.


  • Count in twos, fives and tens.
  • Count forwards and backwards between 0 and 50.

Personal and Social

  • Make healthy lifestyle choices.

If you have any queries please come and ask us, we will try our best to help!

Nursery 2016

10 images

Nursery 2016

Reception - Nursery Rhyme Day

24 images

Nursery Rhyme Characters - Can you guess who we are?

Year 4 Science Week

17 images

It may sound disgusting, but the children recreated 'Poos from the past' specifically including the diet of the Egyptians and Aztecs. We made these poos and later pretended to be archaeologists, taking it carefully apart to identify the diet of this civilization. A truly messy experiment but it lots of fun! We also rolled tins done an alley and bottles to discover which would roll further. Does weight effect gravity? We found the bottle full of cotton wool and the bottle with only half filled with sand didn't roll very far. However the frozen water bottle and original full water bottle rolled the furthest. Year 4 certainly did enjoy SCIENCE WEEK!!!

Year 3 and 4 Production of 'The Button Box'

6 images

All the children performed brilliantly in our end of term show. With some wonderful songs, dances, even solo performances and supported with wonderful acting. The children certainly did themselves proud!

Reception - World Book Day

28 images

Our Magnificent Outfits

Harvest festival and Blue Class visit to church

29 images

A wonderful Harvest festival followed by a visit with Richard who showed us a fantastic experience. Ringing the church bells, playing the organ and names various items within our church.

Year 4 Exploring 1066 at Battle Abbey

106 images

Described by the staff at Battle Abbey, as the best behaved class and most knowledgeable on the events of 1066. What an outstanding display of behaviour blue class!!! Absolute stars!

Hever Castle Year 3

136 images

A wonderful day had by all!

Reception Drusillas trip 2017

100 images

Our day at Drusillas

Reception Class - Our Marvellous Musical Instruments

27 images

We designed, made and used our own instruments to perform a musical story.

Year 3 Smugglers adventure and Hastings Old Town

95 images

A wonderful day out at the Hastings Smugglers Caves, fun play park on East Hill, East Hill lifts, Hastings Old Town, All Saints Church, Fishing Village, Fisherman's museum and finally a winding picnic by the sea. A brilliant fun learning day and thank you to all the staff and parents who made everything so wonderful!!!

Science Workshop at St. Richards

21 images

A group of Year 6 children were invited to St. Richards for a Science workshop entitled, "The Game Is On..."

Year 4 World Book Day

30 images

We came to school dressed as book characters!

World Book Day

17 images

We had a very exciting day dressed as our favorite book character.

Year 2 Around the World Day

38 images

We have had a great day! We cooked a 3 course meal, using ingredients from around the world. We also created our Batik bags and explored a range of other interesting activities.

Children in Need - Year 4

1 images

'What you want to be when you grow up' day. We had teachers, scientists, cabin crew, hairdressers, chefs, and many more!

Year 4 Christmas Art 2016

21 images

Stained 'glass' windows

Year 5 Term 1 and 2

10 images

Contraction surgery and solar system simulations!

Year 1 Christingles

27 images

We made christingles in RE to celebrate Christmas

Year 4 Battle Abbey Trip November 2016

37 images

As part of our Battle of Hastings topic, Year 4 went to explore Battle Abbey...

Year 2 - Firemen visit

21 images

Year 2 had a very exciting visit from the Firemen. We recreated the Great Fire of London on our playground!

Cheetah Class Minibeast Hunt

37 images

Cheetah Class have been scouring the grounds for mini creatures!

The Battle of Hastings!

16 images

Cheetah Class acted out the Battle of Hastings on the playground.

Reception Class - Crowns

2 images

We celebrated our first week in school by using our scissor skills to make fabulous crowns!

Reception class - Music in Action!

7 images

We practised number and action songs and performed them to an audience.

Reception's trip to Drusillas

60 images

Our trip to Drusillas

Reception trip to Drusillas

55 images

More photographs from our Drusillas trip


1 images

Year 2 - Around the World day!

31 images

We had a great day in year 2 to finish our topic. We prepared, cooked and ate a 3 course meal, made Batik bags, created flags, explored maps and wrote letters home about our trip. We all enjoyed our food, especially the pudding!

New Playground Markings

6 images

The children were so excited to try out the new playground markings this term. Thank you to the PTFA for their kind donation.

150th Anniversary- Victorian Day

120 images

To celebrate the school turning 150, we had a Victorian day. The children came in dressed up, we played lots of Victorian games and had a picnic in the church!

Panthers Term 1

25 images

Reception's trip to the Greengrocers

6 images

Reception visited the local Greengrocers to find out more about fruit and vegetables


137 images

Year 6 PGL Trip 2015