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Red Class 

Teachers: Mrs Smith and Mrs Anderton 

Communication, Language and Literacy 

We will be looking at fairy tales, Diwali and the Christmas story this term.  When looking at fairytales, the children will be encouraged to retell and sequence, using puppets, while thinking about the elements (characters, settings, plots) in each story.  The children will continue making marks and will begin forming recognisable letters during writing activities, for example, when writing letters to the Three Bears and character profiles from Little Red Riding Hood.

Letter Sounds

We will continue Phase 2 of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme, which means we will be learning up to four new alphabet sounds a week. 

Role Play Areas

We will have a post office, puppet show, Three Bears cottage, Three Little Pigs construction site and Santa’s workshop during the term.        



The children will continue to use the Numberblocks to develop their understanding of numbers to 10, they will be encouraged to use the correct mathematical vocabulary.  They will begin to look at patterns during Diwali, think about size when comparing the Three Bears and consider 1 more and 1 less during our Fairy Tale topic.  Our Christmas decorations will be created by the children and these will relate to patterns and shape.  The children will also be constantly offered problem solving opportunities throughout the term.

Other Areas

This term we will continue to use ICT to support learning, using the computer suite, tape recorders, programmable toys and the interactive whiteboard.

During PA we will be exploring small equipment, alongside this we will be developing the children’s fine motor skills (small movements).   We will focus on using construction materials with confidence during the Three Little Pigs week and looking at changes that occur to ingredients during cooking sessions.   Furthermore, we will think about celebrations, looking at the festival of Diwali, Birthdays, new additions and Christmas. Additionally, we will be visiting the post office in Sidley.  We will use our experience to create a realistic role-play area.  During this time, we will also send letters in the post and learn about how they get delivered.



Daily reading and word list practise.


Communication, Language and Literacy

  • - To begin to recognise and use phase 2 alphabet sounds.
  • - To retell a known narrative.


  • - To recognise and order numbers to at least 10.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • - To take turns and share with each other.


Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 26th November – Parent reading session – 8.40am

Thursday 5th December – Letters and Sounds Workshop – 8.45 – 9.30am

Wednesday 18th December – Nativity Play – 2pm and 5pm

Friday 20th December – Church Service, Christmas dinner and parties.  Details to follow….


We look forward to an exciting term!