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Red Class 

Teachers: Mrs Smith and Mrs Anderton 

Communication, Language and Literacy 

This term we will be looking at non fiction and fiction books with relation to our topic, ‘Minibeasts.’  The children will begin to understand that non fiction books tell us facts.  We will also be using the internet to research our topic.

The children will continue to be encouraged to use their alphabet knowledge with increasing independence to write labels, fact files, instructions captions, letters and stories.

Letter Sounds

Our work on ‘Letters and Sounds’ will move forward as the children continue to blend and segment words for reading and writing using their knowledge of alphabet sounds. Alongside revising all our previous sounds, we will be thinking about the sounds, or, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

Role Play Areas

During the term the children will design and create their own minibeast den. They we also be able to use the minibeast small world tray, puppets and a florist.



The children will use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems in relation to number and shape, space and measures.  Throughout our minibeast topic the children will develop their skills, looking at money spiders, symmetrical butterfly patterns, ladybird number bonds to 10, subtraction and snail length.  We will also think about sharing during our Easter week.

The children will also be encouraged to begin forming their numbers correctly to 10. 

Other Areas

This term the children will be looking at ‘Minibeasts.’   Throughout the topic the children will have the opportunity to watch the butterfly lifecycle in the classroom, observe ants, use the digital microscope and camera.  They will develop their creative thinking through dance, art and role play.

We will think about Easter and how we celebrate it, looking at new life as we enter a new season.

We will also think about ‘Growing Plants.’ Following a trip to the florists in Sidley, the children will grow their own plants, create natural sculptures, look at plant lifecycles and write some poems. 



Daily reading and word list practise.



- To extend own vocabulary (to think of wow words).


- To use mathematical vocabulary when talking about addition and subtraction.

Personal and Social

- To gain further independence to use resources independently.

Reminders: Dates for your diary

Monday 4th March - Jaws and Claws visit Reception

Tuesday 26th March – 8.40am – Parent reading session

This link will take you to our homework menu.  Why not try our minibeast challenge!


We are looking forward to another exciting term.