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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School

Multi agency working

Partnerships with External Agencies

What support from outside does the school use to support my child?

In the Bexhill area a number of primary schools have come together to form an alliance. This alliance has been created to inform parents about the resources and support that are available within each school for children with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) and additional needs.

Children’s SEN are generally thought of in the following four broad areas of need and support:

 Communication and interaction;

 cognition and learning;

 social emotional and mental health;

 sensory and physical.

The specialist services and expertise that are available at or accessed by the school for your child are:


The ASD Monitoring and Support Group: offers specialist support for children attending mainstream schools in Years 1-7.  This is where we refer children who need outreach support for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or for placement in an ASD specialist provision.

Education Support, Behavioural and Attendance Service (ESBAS): this service helps schools to develop effective behavioural and therapeutic support for vulnerable pupils (refer via educational psychologist). 

Social worker and Family Support team:  lead professionals in all cases where a child protection plan is required.  The social work team intervene to support families where children are at risk of neglect or abuse of a physical, emotional or sexual nature.  Referrals may be made for support or to investigate risk of harm.

The Early Years’ Teaching and Support Service: support children aged 0-5 years with disabilities and complex needs. They can offer support at the child’s home, pre-school and through the early days at school. They also have information on local parent and toddler sessions and training for parents and professionals working with young children.

Educational Psychology Service: children and young people can sometimes face learning, social and emotional problems and educational psychologists are there to help.  They can help children to overcome difficulties that may be preventing them from learning to the best of their ability.

English as an additional language: the Traveller and English as an Additional Language Service (TEALS) provides language support for pupils whose first language is not English.

FLESS support: the Flexible Learning Educational Support Service is a team of teachers and teaching assistants who can support the school in providing education for sick children. FLESS offers the        following support in partnership with schools: 

  • attendance at all personal education plan (PEP) meetings in schools to make arrangements for sick children;
  • teaching  and support for sick children in small groups at locations around the county or at home;
  • teaching and support in the children’s wards at Eastbourne General Hospital and the Conquest    Hospital; and
  • online learning.

Teaching assistants from FLESS also provide initial help in reintegrating children back into school after periods of absence due to ill health.

Language and learning support: the Language and Learning Support Services (LLSS) offer specialist support for pupils with language, communication and literacy difficulties. LLSS have teachers accredited to     identify and support dyslexic pupils.

Mental Health: the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) can offer the following support to parents, carers, children’s services professionals, and young people with severe mental health disorders:

  • advice on appropriate support
  • diagnosis of mental disorders
  • therapeutic work with young people to treat their complex, severe or persistent mental health     difficulties.

CAMHS will diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) amongst other mental health conditions.

Paediatrician:  the paediatrician works in the child development clinic and is hospital based (referrals via school nurse). The paediatrician is a qualified doctor who specialises in children’s health.  The paediatrician will diagnose autism,

Family Support Keyworker team: the FSKT team are employed by schools to provide a link between school and family. They may work individually with a child as well as her / his parents /carers and try to identify the on-going support that might help children and families to cope better with a range of        situations, from housing to diet and behaviour at home.  FSKT might also run nurture groups in school.

School nurse:  the nurse will work in school to check on children’s general health and growth. They are particularly involved with children who may be supported by a Child Protection Plan.  The nurse can liaise between the school and the child’s doctor, and will also refer to the Child Development Clinic (CDC) and occupational therapist. The nurse runs ‘surgeries’ in school, where children and their families may make an appointment to discuss matters specifically relating to the child’s health and well-being.

The Children’s Integrated Therapy Service (CITS): a new integrated therapy service is available to   children and young people aged 0-19 years. The Children’s Integrated Therapy Service (CITS) brings together therapists from the National Health Service and East Sussex County Council.  The service provides:

  • speech and language therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • physiotherapy.

Visual and hearing impairments: guidance for schools on supporting children with visual and hearing impairments is available on line. If you need further guidance or have any questions about additional support please contact the Service for Children with Sensory Needs.

Triple P Parenting

We can offer information about Triple P, where to find them, and groups you are able to attend locally.

Please take a look at their website


Dragonflies helps children and young people 5-18 who are experiencing pre-bereavement or are bereaved. They can provide home visits, group support, therapeutic activities that strengthen emotional well-being. They can also offer family days to support the whole family. We can put you in touch with Dragonflies locally if you require this service.