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Expectations of a Church School


All Saints C of E Primary School – Church School Expectations.

As a church school we ensure the following:

That the school is led by a Head teacher committed, (supported by staff and governors), to establishing and maintaining the Christian character of the school

Have a meaningful daily act of Collective Worship

Incorporate the values of the Christian faith

Provide a Christian understanding of the world and the place of humanity within it, reflected in worship and the daily life of the school

Work within a framework of discipline that demonstrates a readiness to seek and offer forgiveness

Be committed to openness and honesty

Begin to share the Christian hope and experience that the greatest power in life and beyond is selfless love

Provide a knowledge of how to pray and of liturgy, respecting those of other faiths who cannot engage in the liturgy of Christian worship

Provide an awareness of the challenge of the spiritual life within everyday experience

Respect the beliefs of other faiths, but be confident in its own by providing an experience of what it is like to live in a community that celebrates the Christian faith

Promote a sense of inclusion and involve the leaders of other faiths as appropriate

Celebrate the identity and nature of culturally and ethnically diverse groups

Ensure religious education is given between 5-10% of curriculum time

Ensure that the character and quality of RE is a particular concern of the Headteacher and Governing Body.

Observe the major Christian festivals, and where other faiths are present, ensure that those faiths are able and encouraged to mark their major festivals with integrity

Maintain an active and affirming relationship with the parish church/es

Proclaim that it is a church school and confidently share its Christian vision inside and outside the school