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All Saints Church of England Primary and Nursery School


Koinonia: Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed by our staff here at All Saints C of E Primary and is unique and bespoke to the needs of our school and community. Our priority is to recognise what is special about the children and our community here at All Saints and to design a curriculum that not only meets the needs of our children in terms of their academic achievement but also their personal development.  We are very proud of our broad, rich, relevant and meaningful curriculum.   Our children are actively encouraged to follow their passions whilst becoming resilient, reflective learners, well equipped to reach their full potential.  

Each theme within the curriculum begins with an overarching question that stimulates thought. In each subject, the emphasis is on encouraging children to research, evaluate, use deep questioning, reason and justify. Children are encouraged to reach their own conclusions and answers.  

Themes are intended to be flexible, changing in response to the needs of particular cohorts, world events and current affairs whilst being carefully designed to fully meet the National Curriculum and take account of the school’s context, location and character.   

Our aims for our children are that they: 

- Build resilience in facing and overcoming challenges. 

- Have respect for themselves, high self-esteem, able to live and work cooperatively with others. 

- Build working memory so they are fluent in basic skills.  

- Develop reasoning, justification and a deeper understanding of the subjects taught.

- Are creative and reflective learners and develop their own critical thinking. 

- Develop an appreciation and understanding of our school values, in particular, the idea of Koinonia.

our curriculum 2024.pdf


Below is a link to our curriculum map.  teachers make sure there is a key question to focus on and 'Tier 2' vocabulary that the children will learn to use in context.  We link a lot of our learning to a Power of Reading text. 

2023/24 Whole School Curriculum map