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Year 5

Indigo Class

Teacher: Mrs Rogers


Holes by Louis Sachar

We will be studying this lively story throughout term 6. It will give us the opportunity to compare works by the same author, as we read Sachar’s ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ in term 4. I will be asking the children not to watch the film while we read the book, so that we can watch the plot unfold as we read it together. We will then watch the film towards the end of the term, and compare the book to the film.

I will be strongly encouraging the children to read at home regularly. Many of them have been very successful with our reading passport challenge, so please keep it up.

Our weekly spellings will continue, with the children bringing home ‘Look, say, cover’ sheets in order to practise them. We will continue to study the morphology and etymology of different words, looking at the origins of words and how they can be changed into different word classes by adding prefixes and suffixes. We will also continue learning new vocabulary, with our ‘Word of The Day’ This was very successful in term 5, as the children learnt many new words, and used them well in their writing.


During term 6 we will be deepening our knowledge of decimals, fractions and percentages. There will also be a focus on problem solving, which will give the children a chance to apply their knowledge learnt throughout the year.

There will continue to be a major focus on fluency of maths facts, including multiplication and division up to 12 x 12, and adding and subtracting single digits without counting on fingers! The children will be encouraged to practice recall of number facts, even a few minutes daily at home will reap huge rewards. We will be continuing with our challenge award system, using ‘Hit the Button’, where the children can earn bronze, silver and gold certificates if they can recall 15, 25 or 35 calculations in one minute. You can continue to help at home by involving your child with problem solving activities… e.g. ‘if we need to leave at 3 o’clock how many minutes have we got til we go?’ or ‘if I need 50 g of pasta per person for dinner, how many grams do we need altogether?’

Foundation Subjects 

In Science, we will be looking at animal and human growth, which goes alongside our PSHE topic ‘Changing Me’.

In Geography, we will be taking a metaphorical trip around Britain’s National Parks, learning where they are, why they are there, and why they are so important.

In RE ww will be looking at religious pilgrimage, starting with the Hajj, the fifth Pillar of Islam, and moving onto Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist and Christian pilgrimage. Our Christian value for the term is Koinonia, which is all about Christian community.

 PE  will continue to be on Thursday afternoons.


Please encourage children to complete homework tasks independently!

Targets this term:


  • Writing: Use a range of punctuation, including inverted commas, apostrophes, brackets, dashes and commas..
  • Reading: Draw inferences from the text, and use evidence to justify them.



  • Rapidly recall number facts using all four rules of number.
  • Apply maths knowledge to problem solve using all four rules of number.