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Year 5

Indigo Class

Teacher: Mrs Rogers


The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton, Daniel Morden and Christina Balit.

We will be looking at this retelling of the classic tale of Odysseus, which will link with our history topic of the Ancient Greeks. We will look at the authors’ use of language, and the children will be writing newspaper reports, diary entries and their own narrative stories.

Our weekly spellings with continue, with the children bringing home ‘Look, say, cover’ sheets in order to practise them. We will be studying the morphology and etymology of different words, looking at the origins of words and how they can be changed into different word classes by adding prefixes and suffixes.


During term 5 we will be deepening our knowledge of place value, then move onto calculation strategies, and how we use them for solving problems. There will be a major focus on fluency of maths facts, including multiplication and division up to 12 x 12, and adding and subtracting single digits without counting on fingers! The children will be encouraged to practice recall of number facts, even a few minutes daily at home will reap huge rewards. We will be continuing with our challenge award system, using ‘Hit the Button’, where the children can earn bronze, silver and gold certificates if they can recall 15, 25 or 35 calculations in one minute.

You can continue to help at home by involving your child with problem solving activities… e.g. ‘if we need to leave at 3 o’clock how many minutes have we got til we go?’ or ‘if I need 50 g of pasta per person for dinner, how many grams do we need altogether?

Foundation Subjects 

Our main topic will be a historical study of the Ancient Greeks. We will find out about the origins of democracy, The Olympics, Gods and Goddesses, and the Trojan War. We will also look at the influence the Greek language has had on modern day English, in our etymological study of spellings and vocabulary.

Alongside our history topic, we will be studying mountains in geography, looking in particular at what a mountain specifically is and comparing different mountain ranges across the world.

In science we will be studying Light, in particular how it is formed, how it travels, refraction, reflection and what a spectrum is.

We will be continuing our study of Islam in RE, taking a closer look at the 5 pillars of Islam and how Muslims follow these in their everyday lives

 PE  will continue to be on Thursday afternoons.


Please encourage children to complete homework tasks independently!

Targets this term:


  • Writing: Understand and use a range of verb tenses ad modal verbs.
  • Reading: Understand and explain how an author uses language to affect the reader.


  • Rapidly recall multiplication and division facts for tables to 12 x 12.
  • Rapid recall of addition and subtraction facts particularly of single digit numbers.