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Year 4 

Blue Class  Term 6

Teacher: Mr Scrivener 


During this term, we will be looking at stories set in imaginary worlds. We will be exploring well known stories such as C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. The children will plan, draft and edit a story set in their own imaginary world. We will also be looking at a story set In Roman Times, to link with our history topic. Throughout this term, we will continue to look at the Year 4 spelling and grammar objectives. Spellings will continue to come home weekly, and it would be really helpful if you could continue reading with your child at home as often as possible!

Even though your child is now in Year 4, please try to read with your child as often as possible and encourage them to read daily!


In Maths, we will learn how to read Roman numerals up to 100 and understand how, over time, the numeral system changed to include the concept of zero and place value. We will also be revisiting multiplication and applying our skills to solving problems and explaining our reasoning. In our measurement lessons, we will be recapping on time and looking at converting between hours to minutes; minutes to seconds; years to months; weeks to days. Please could you continue to encourage your children to practise their times tables at home. They need to know them all when they leave Year 4!

The National Curriculum expects all children to leave Year 4 knowing all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. This website is very useful, we have been playing it in class and the children have been trying to beat their own scores!

It would be really helpful if you could encourage your child to recall their times tables regularly! Also... do play EDUCATION CITY at home, it's great!!!

Foundation Subjects 

Our topic this term will be ‘The Roman Empire’. Throughout this topic, we will learn about the spread of the Roman Empire, the invasion of Britain and the eventual conquest. The children will also look in detail at some aspects of the Romanisation of Britain, such as the building of Roman roads and bath houses. In addition to this they will have the opportunity to learn about the British resistance of Boudicca and will act in role to look at the events of Boudicca's rebellion from different perspectives.

In Science, we will be looking at ‘Sound. The children will learn about what electricity is and how it was discovered. They will identify which appliances use electricity in their homes and how to keep themselves safe. Children will construct circuits, start to create pictorial circuits and conduct an investigation into how easily different types of switches can break and reconnect a circuit.

In PA we will be outside as much as the weather allows, learning athletics skills. Please supply your child with a suitable hat to wear during PA lessons should the sun come out for us!

EARRINGS – I have suggested to those with earrings that they practice taking them out at home, so that they can learn to remove them for PA lessons rather than tape them. If you could help your child learn how to do this it would help them greatly to gain more independence in their journey towards Upper Key Stage 2 and beyond.


RE- Christianity - Theme Koinonia

We will be reading the story of 'Jesus feeds the crowd.' and every child will be given the opportunity to link this story in creating a prayer related to the community and giving. 




  • ˜ To use inverted commas and other speech punctuation correctly
  • ˜ To plan, draft and edit our own stories set in an imaginary world



  • ˜ To read Roman numerals to 100 (I to C)
  • ˜ To multiply 3 numbers together


Personal and Social

  • ˜ To know and understand reasons why people feel scared and uncomfortable about change and to understand behaviours that are due to feelings about change