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Year 3  Green Class


Teacher: Miss Skues


This term we will be studying 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura.  We will use this text to help develop our grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and improve our recount writing.

We will also identify features of non fiction texts and write non chronological reports about the Iron Age.

In our whole class reading sessions, we will be reading a variety of texts, including poetry, and focusing on developing our fluency and comprehension skills.

A new handwriting scheme has been started by the whole school so we will be spending time learning how to join letters correctly and neatly.

The children will be given spellings to learn every Monday and will be given time to practise them at school every day before a test on Friday.  We will also recap using phonics to spell words and spelling words with suffixes and prefixes.

As a new school initiative, the children will be rewarded for reading at home.  Home school reading books will be checked every Friday and children who have read at least five times will then be entered into a raffle to win a small prize.  Please remember to sign the home/school book every time you hear your child read.


We will start the year by learning about the place value of numbers up to 1000.  The children will have the opportunity to consolidate their understanding by using practical resources as well as through written work.  We will then go on to learn how to add and subtract three digit numbers and the children will be introduced to column addition and subtraction.

In all areas of maths, the children will be encouraged to explain their reasoning and discuss their work using appropriate vocabulary.

Throughout the year we will continue to develop our mental maths skills.  This will including practising times tables and addition and subtraction facts for 10, 20 and 100.

Foundation Subjects 

 This term our focus is History based.  We will be answering the question, "How did Britain Change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?".  We will discover how people survived in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and find out how and why communities began to develop.

Through our art sessions we will design and make our own cave paintings, clay beakers and shields with Celtic patterns.

In Science,  we will be comparing and grouping different rocks based on their appearance and simple properties.  We will describe how fossils are formed and investigate the properties of different types of soils.  We will develop our observational skills and record our ideas using scientific vocabulary.

The children have started to learn drumming in Music this term.  This is taught by a specialist music teacher.

The children will begin to learn French this term.  We will focus on simple greetings and numbers to 10.

In PSHE our topic is "Being Me in My World" and in RE we are focusing on the Christian Value of Trust.

 This term PE is on a Wednesday. The children will be taught cricket by a specialist coach. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school and has removed earrings where possible, or can do so themselves.