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Red Class 

Teachers: Mrs Smith and Mrs Anderton 

Communication, Language and Literacy 


This term we will be looking at a variety of stories including, Elmer, Funnybones and What the Ladybird Heard.  The children will be encouraged to listen to the stories with enjoyment before using puppets, storymaps and illustrations to retell them.  We will be continuing to use our alphabet sounds during writing activities as the children are encouraged to use their knowledge to attempt writing more complex words.  We will be writing recipes, factfiles and recounts of known stories.  We will also continue practising our letter formation.

Letter and Sounds

We will revise the sounds we have already learnt before continuing Phase 3 and more new sounds, including diagraphs and trigraphs.  The children will be encouraged to use their letter sound knowledge in their reading and writing.

Role play

Our main role play will be the supermarket.  We will also have a toy’s party, a colour tent, a puppet show, a giant story map and a superhero den.



The children will continue to think about the mastery curriculum, embedding their knowledge from our work using the Numberblocks. We will also begin thinking about teen numbers.  We will be thinking about addition and subtraction during practical sessions.  During Elmer week we will be designing repeating pattern scarves.  We will also look at positional language, using the computer software My World 3 to support their learning.  Furthermore, we will look at shapes and begin thinking about their properties.

Other Areas

This term the children will be introduced to programmable toys including the Roamer and Beebots.  The children will be encouraged to investigate the world around using magnifying glasses, magnets and mirrors. 

Cooking sessions will continue as the children are encouraged to look at changes.  The children will also visit the local supermarket to buy the ingredients.

Our role play area will be a supermarket, which the children will design and create following their trips.

Furthermore, we will be thinking about events from the children’s past.  In RE we will be thinking about special books and special stories.




Daily reading and word list practise.


Communication, Language and Literacy

  • - To recognise all alphabet sounds.
  • - To use alphabet sounds to read and write words.


  • - To begin using the vocabulary of addition and subtraction.
  • - To discuss the names of shapes and their properties.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • - To set own simple goals.


Dates for your diary:

Monday 7th January – 3.00 – Pop in for 10 minutes to see your child’s Learning Story Book.

Tuesday 22nd January – 9.00 – 9.45 – Parent Play Session

Tuesday 5th February  – 8.40 – 9.00 – Parents reading session



We look forward to seeing you in school soon!