All Saints CE Primary School

All Saints C.E. Primary School

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All Saints Staff

Headteacher   Ms Sally Forbes (SLT)   
Deputy Head & Inclusion manager       Mr Craig Shelton  (SLT)  
Teaching Staff Reception       Mrs Laura Smith (SLT)Monday to Wednesday   
  Reception Mrs Beck Anderton (Thursday and Friday)    
  Year 1 Mrs Kelly Sinfield (Monday to Wednesday)   
  Year 1 Mrs Debbie Codd (Thursday and Friday)   
  Year 2  Mrs Katy Bryant    
Year 3 Mrs Lindsey Oakman and Miss Louise Hunnisett
  Year 4   Mr Mark Scrivener  
  Year 5  Mrs Annie Rogers (SLT)   
  Year 6 Miss Abbie Sinden  
Pupil Premium Teachers    Mrs Lindsey Oakman  
    Mrs Kelly Sinfield  
Teaching Assistants  Reception  Mrs Debbie Franks   
  Reception  Mrs Helen Simpson   
  Year 1  Mrs Teresa Fry   
  Year 2  Mrs Rachael Batchelor  
  Year 3  Mrs Heather Garland  
  Year 4 Mrs Jackie Ramsden  
  Year 5  Mrs V Furlong  
  Year 6  Mrs  Lynn Proudfoot  
Year 6 Miss Jeorjie Carter (Breakfast Club)
 INAs Year 1 Mrs Wendy Nolan   
  Year 2 and 4 Mrs Claire Dennis   
Year 2 and 4 Mrs Brenda Hill
 MDSA's   Mrs Lynn Proudfoot  
    Mrs Jackie Ramsden  
    Mrs Rachael Batchelor  
    Mrs Karen Whittington  
    Miss Jeorjie Carter  
    Mrs Teresa Fry  
    Mrs V Furlong  
    Mrs Heather Garland  
School Business Manager    Mrs Helen Vine  
Office Administration     Ms Julie Stilwell  
Site Manager   Mr Michael Mausenbaum  
Cleaners   Mr Martin Sheppard  
    Mrs Sara-Jane Batkin  
 Clerk to Governors    Mr Chris Wain  
 Nursery Staff    Please see Nursery Page  


SLT = Senior Leadership Team