All Saints CE Primary School

All Saints C.E. Primary School

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All Saints Staff

Executive Headteacher Mrs Linda Appleby (SLT)
Headteacher   Ms Sally Forbes (SLT)   
Interim Head of School Mr Mike Taylor (SLT)
Deputy Head & Inclusion manager       Mr Craig Shelton  (SLT)  
Teaching Staff Reception       Mrs Laura Smith (SLT)Monday to Wednesday   
  Reception Mrs Beck Anderton (Thursday and Friday)    
  Year 1 Mrs Kelly Sinfield    
  Year 2  Mrs Katy Bryant    
Year 3 Miss C Skues
  Year 4   Ms R Pottinger  
  Year 5  Mrs Annie Rogers (SLT)   
  Year 6 Miss Abbie Sinden  
Teaching Assistants  Reception  Mrs Debbie Franks   
  Reception  Mrs Helen Simpson   
  Year 1  Mrs Teresa Fry   
  Year 2  Mrs Rachael Batchelor  
  Year 3  Mrs Heather Garland  
  Year 4 Mrs Jackie Ramsden  
  Year 5  Mrs V Furlong  
  Year 6  Mrs  Lynn Proudfoot  
Year 6 Miss Jeorjie Carter (Breakfast Club)
 INAs Year 1 Mrs Wendy Nolan   
  Yr 3 +Yr 1 Mrs Claire Dennis   
Yr 3 + Yr 5 Mrs Brenda Hill
Thrive Teaching Assistant All Year's Mrs Sarah Bryant
Thrive Teaching Assistant All Year's Miss Clare Holman-Hobbs
 MDSA's   Mrs Lynn Proudfoot  
    Mrs Jackie Ramsden  
    Mrs Rachael Batchelor  
    Mrs Karen Whittington  
    Miss Jeorjie Carter  
    Mrs Teresa Fry  
    Mrs V Furlong  
    Mrs Heather Garland  
Miss Jess Doorey (Breakfast Club)
Mr Stephen French
School Business Manager    Mrs Helen Vine  
Office Administration     Ms Julie Stilwell  
Site Manager   Mr Michael Mausenbaum  
Cleaners   Mr Martin Sheppard  
    Mrs Sara-Jane Batkin  
 Clerk to Governors    Mr Chris Wain  
 Nursery Staff    Please see Nursery Page  


SLT = Senior Leadership Team