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Balaceability is a scheme that involves using balance bikes to promote children's independence when using a bike without stabilizers. It is a well known scheme that has been accredited and is used with children aged 2 and a half, to 6 years old.

In our setting we have four qualified balanceability instructors, which use lesson plans each week which involve using the balance bike. The lesson plans change weekly, as first of all we focus on balancing on different equipment. Such as balancing beams, benches, or an obstacle course that involves stepping stones. After this we begin to pick the bike up and walk with it, and then eventually begin to use the bike with the children using their feet to glide along. We use our adapted bike area, and also the childrens centre which is close to the nursery.

Children are encouraged to bring a P.E kit if possible, and are equipped with a helmet to wear when participating. Using the balance bike engages core muscles, develops balance, and hand eye co-ordination.

Children are offered a place in balanceability every six weeks, as we are able to rotate them after this time.

 Take a look at their website for more information..

Here is a parent guide..